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Raw material control, source to ensure product quality

Strictly use raw materials for production. Resolutely put an end to the production of recycled materials

Strict production process inspection to ensure delivery quality

Product quality problems, return at any time, worthy of customer trust

Strong compatibility, easy to operate

According to the actual needs of customers size material and customized

Factory direct sales, timely to provide solutions

Manufacturers direct supply, product customization or quality problems, Fengyongsheng to provide you with solutions to protect the interests of customers


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Kunshan Fengyongsheng Automation Equipment Co., LTD

Kunshan Fengyongsheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a taiwan-owned enterprise specializing in the design and production of rivet machine, belt whole factory machinery, the company has many years of production and manufacturing experience, Machine equipment including all kinds of rivet machine, double rivet machine, air/oil pressure rivet machine, button machine, corns machine, table type corns machine, circuit board corns machine, automatic feeding corns machine, nail bumping machine, bag punching machine, hinge button punching machine, single knife cutting machine, all kinds of hot stamping machine, four column oil cutting machine, gluing machine, Yellow glue machine, white glue machine, belt dyeing machine, belt coloring machine and other bags and belts used in the whole factory.

Over the years, the brand "Feng Yongsheng" has been deeply rooted in people's hearts. Its professional quality, exquisite technology, good service and reasonable sales price are widely recognized and praised by our customers.

In the future, we will continue to uphold the "technology innovation, create good quality, quality service to win the trust of users" this business philosophy, for your satisfaction and wise choice, to achieve our commitment. Let us walk hand in hand, share scientific and technological achievements, create brilliant career.

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